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Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Summary This chapter talks about polymer modification: functionalization and grafting.

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Download scientific diagram | Methods for polymer modification from publication: Grafting of Cellulose Based Materials: A Review | Grafting and Cellulose. The modification of polymers has been practiced since the dawn of mankind with the working of animal hides and natural fibers. In spite of this ancient beginning.

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The resulting synthesised materials such as biobased plastics are analysed in our laboratories for their thermal and mechanical characteristics, among other properties. We can also test important issues such as the heat and moisture resistance of materials.

Influence of polymer modification on low temperature behaviour of bituminous binders and mixtures

Polymerisations can be realised on very small 1. It is also possible to evaluate various processing techniques including extrusion and injection moulding. Once we have processed monomers into biobased polymers they are evaluated for potentially interesting characteristics such as thermal Tg and Tm and mechanical E-modulus, impact resistance characteristics.