Tradition, Tension and Translation in Turkey

The Factor of Author's Reputation in Retranslations: Edgar Allan Poe on the Turkish Literary Scene
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The Turkish language reform and intralingual translation. Pseudotranslations of pseudo-scientific sex manuals in Turkey. Ideological encounters: Islamist retranslations of western classics. An overview of Kurdish literature in Turkish. Cemal Kafadar, Harvard University. Readers will come across a richly detailed picture of translators engendering and deconstructing certain concepts in the Ottoman literary tradition and the transformative role of translation in modern Turkey, including also the ways in which it comes into contact with issues that have long occupied the Turkish sociopolitical agenda.

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The volume should be a reliable source of information for anyone curious about Turkish politics and poetics besides, of course, students and scholars in the field of translation studies. The editors, as well as the authors, should be applauded for carrying out the task of transmitting a truly complicated picture with such skill and expertise. As a result, the history of Turkish and Ottoman literature and criticism has been rife with vexacious questions surrounding translation: What counts as translation?

What is originality? What is imitation?

Tradition, Tension and Translation in Turkey

And so on… Recently, the Turkish response to such questions has been to develop an intense scholarly interest in translation, which has resulted in the burgeoning of degree-granting academic programs in the practice and theory of translation. Tradition, Tension and Translation in Turkey is an outstanding example of the fruits of this Turkish academic interest. The 14 essays in this multi-authored book, insightfully introduced by the editors, is an impressively sophisticated, informative, and wide-ranging collection of studies by Turkish scholars whose work demonstrates — quite convincingly, in my opinion — why Turkey should be considered a major source of powerful voices in a significant historical and theoretical discussion about translation.

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This is an important book. It is in English and it should be part of the core bibliography in translation studies world-wide.

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Jenny, Helena and half a dozen translators gathered at the renowned Chez Prune restaurant, where they celebrated the local translation community and discussed how to better connect local translators, onboarding best practices for new translators, and recent projects to help develop the TED Translators program. Below are excerpts of a longer podcast interview that can be heard here. Translated from the French by Erik Butler. Imagine you should be posting in Italian, Spanish, English, German, French - it was impossible to manage that. Considered to be one of the first female Sufis, she is credited with pioneering the notion of Divine Love central to the veneration of God in Sufism.

Walter G. Andrews , University of Washington. Like a classical thriller, it contains all of the necessary ingredients that make it so intriguing: heterogeneity through immigration and expansion that generated intensive interference with many other cultures, both close and remote. The full canvas of such heterogeneous and complex processes could be unraveled only thanks to the growing research carried out within the framework of translation and intercultural studies.

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Translation Studies have gone a long way from the time when they focused on linguistic comparison and questions of fidelity. The context of translation, the conditions under which it is carried out, its role in society, as well as the role of translators as agents of change and innovation have become more and more mainstream, not the least through the pioneering spirit and perseverance that has characterized the work of the editors of this book — in particular professor Saliha Paker. But the book goes even beyond that by demonstrating for so many different cases that it is only when we take account of the translation events involved with these cases that we can fully understand them.

The traditional study of cultural canons has always tended to eliminate cultural heterogeneity as well as interculturality. This book successfully eliminates this scandalous elimination by demonstrating in concrete terms the indispensability of translation analysis for the investigation of culture.

In this manner, what is generally known under the name of Translation Studies becomes a necessary and indeed unavoidable component in the larger discipline of Culture Research. Subjects A limited number of items are shown.

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The articles in this volume examine historical, cultural, literary and political facets of translation in Turkey, a society in tortuous transformation since the 19th. Tradition, Tension and Translation in Turkey (Benjamins Translation Library) (): Şehnaz Tahir Gürçaglar, Saliha Paker, John.

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Summary "The articles in this volume examine historical, cultural, literary and political facets of translation in Turkey, a society in tortuous transformation since the 19th century from empire to nation-state. Some draw attention to tradition in Ottoman practices and agents of translation and interpreting, while others explore the republican period, starting in , with the revolutionary change in script from Arabic to Roman coming in , making a powerful impact on publication and translation practices.

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Areas covered include the German Jewish academic involvement in translation, traditional and current practices of translating from Kurdish into Turkish, censorship of translated literature, intralingual translations from Ottoman into modern Turkish, pseudotranslation, ideological manipulation and resistance in translation, imitativeness vs. Notes Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents Section I. Ottoman conceptions and practices of translation.

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