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Magic and Desire (Black Lace Classics)

Coincidentally, the little girl looked almost identical to Alexandria's former Princess Garnet, who had died shortly beforehand due to illness. However, the child had a horn. As an alternative to publicly announcing the death of Alexandria's beloved Princess, the King of Alexandria ordered the child's horn be removed and the little girl assumed Princess Garnet's identity. Garnet has repressed her memories of her former life in Madain Sari; the only remaining memories she has of her former life are a recurring nightmare involving her escape from the village's destruction and " Melodies of Life ", a song that only she and Eiko know.

The King of Alexandria died some time before the beginning of the game, leaving Queen Brahne in complete control of Alexandria and Garnet as the sole heir to the throne. At her 15th birthday, a year before the beginning of the game, a suspicious man known as Kuja appeared in the Castle; ever since Kuja's initial arrival at Alexandria Castle , Queen Brahne's behavior had become more hostile. Upon hearing that the theater troupe Tantalus would be performing Garnet's favorite play Lord Avon's "I Want to be Your Canary" in Alexandria on Garnet's sixteenth birthday, Garnet resolved to stowaway on board the Prima Vista, Tantalus' theater ship, as it returned to its home port in Lindblum where she could consult with her father's long time friend Regent Cid Fabool IX about her adoptive mother's radical behavior.

After their escape, Garnet assumes the alias of Dagger to try to keep a low profile among the commoners, a name she continues to employ for the majority of the game. The robe that Garnet wears to conceal her identity during her escape is white trimmed with red triangles, which is the design of Final Fantasy's typical White Mages ' robe.

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Despite this visual cue, Garnet's role in battle is more suited towards Summoning with White Magic as a supplement, which directly contrasts to Eiko who is best suited towards White Magic with Summoning as a supplement. After the forceful extraction of her eidolons by the twins Zorn and Thorn later in the game, Garnet admits that she had been afraid of her summoning powers.

After hearing about what had happened in Cleyra with Odin and the orders to execute Garnet after the eidolons were extracted from her, Garnet resolves to utilize her special powers to help cure her mother of her endless greed. Soon after, the party encounters the thunder god Ramuh, who helps Garnet decide to release her true powers in order to summon her eidolons. After this point in the story, Garnet can learn to summon every eidolon extracted from her, and even some that she gains during the story, such as the water dragon god Leviathan.

After Queen Brahne's death, Garnet is crowned Queen. During her coronation, Kuja attacks with Bahamut, forcing Garnet to draw out the legendary eidolon Alexander, who is summoned with the help of Eiko. Alexander destroys Bahamut, but Garland takes control of the Invincible and uses it to eliminate Alexander, destroying much of Alexandria with it.

Succumbing to the recent traumatic stress, Garnet becomes mute in her depression until she can finally come to terms with her emotions late in the game. In this psychological state, she often has difficulty concentrating during battle, resulting in the occasional failure to perform actions such as White Magic and Summoning. After the events in Kuja's palace, the party returns to Lindblum only to find that Queen Garnet has gone missing. Zidane knows full well where she is, and rushes off to Alexandria Kingdom. After an impassioned speech to Zidane, Garnet snatches his dagger the same one that helped her in picking an alias and slices off most of her hair, symbolizing the severing of ties to her former weak self.

Amarant Coral is the last character to join the party. He fights using various gloves or knuckles, much like the monk character class in other Final Fantasy games, but also possesses the "Throw" command, normally associated with the ninja class. His mind is filled with rules of fighting, the biggest of them being "The Victorious Live, and the Defeated Die".

He holds a grudge against Zidane , the reasons of which are initially undisclosed. Amarant's combative nature and arrogant attitude often leads to conflict, but eventually his personality begins to change under Zidane's influence. Amarant lives by a harsh code where "only the strong survive". Very little is revealed regarding Amarant's extended past; even he can only recall that his first real memory "is of the face of a guy I had to fight.

I only found meaning in life through combat. Amarant loses the battle and wishes to die like the honorable fighter he is, but Zidane refuses. Amarant's reputation as a fighter made him feared in Treno, so King, the owner of one of Treno's waterfront mansions and auction house, hired Amarant as a security guard. When the thief Zidane raids the mansion, he frames Amarant, who becomes a wanted man with a considerable bounty on his head. Subsequently, a wanted poster of Amarant can be seen at the inn in Treno. Amarant does not divulge this information until a conversation with Freya who finds the story very amusing outside the auction house in Disc 3, keeping the reasoning for his grudge towards Zidane who does not remember him secret for a significant portion of the game.

Afterwards, Amarant works as a mercenary for hire. He's summoned by Queen Brahne to retrieve Princess Garnet's pendant and assassinate Vivi, and he takes the job after learning that Zidane is traveling with the two. Another bounty hunter, Lani , arrives first and holds Eiko hostage, demanding that the princess relinquish the pendant. Compelled by a sense of fairness, [29] Amarant drops in on the pair and saves Eiko.

He challenges Lani, who gives up the pendant and retreats. He then turns to duel with Zidane. After losing the fight, Amarant returns the pendant and demands that Zidane deliver the finishing blow. Zidane refuses, and, confused by the thief's mercy, [30] Amarant decides to follow Zidane in order to understand his power. While with the party, Amarant remains an aloof and dismissive character even to the point of not performing a victory dance at the end of a battle. His "lone wolf" persona culminates during the raid on Ipsen's Castle , where Amarant seeks to prove that working alone "beats working in a team any day," [32] and sets off in search of a set of mirrors alone.

However, after finding the mirrors Amarant falls and nearly dies; he is quickly saved by Zidane, who had re-entered the castle having already made it out with the party and noticed that Amarant hadn't.

Magic and Desire, Black Lace Classics by Janine Ashbless | | Booktopia

Amarant is again confused by Zidane's willingness to help him, [33] and his personality gradually begins to change under Zidane's influence to the point of finally performing a victory dance at the end of battles. Freya's name is homonymous with that of the Norse goddess Freyja , while her surname is homonymous with the English word crescent.

Freya's job or class is Dragon Knight. Unlike the Dragon Knights of other Final Fantasy games, Freya possesses a set of special skills in addition to her job's traditional ability — a common theme in Final Fantasy IX. These skills are known as "Dragoon" skills and offer a range of attack, healing, and status-changing effects. Freya is originally from Burmecia , but when met in the game, she has not been home for years. When the man she loved, Sir Fratley, left on a mission but never returned, she left home to find out what became of him, promising never to return until she found the truth.

After a period in Lindblum, she headed out to wander the world. Freya returns to Lindblum to compete in the "Festival of the Hunt" around the same time that Zidane and Tantalus return from their mission to kidnap Princess Garnet. Freya is reunited with Sir Fratley during Alexandria's attack on Cleyra. Her joy is cut short when he reveals that he has lost his memory and does not remember her at all.

Freya is shattered, but when Fratley leaves again, she says nothing. During her search, she prepared herself for the worst; knowing that he's alive was relief enough, even if he had no memory of her. During the ending scenes of the game, Freya is reunited with Sir Fratley, having returned to Burmecia to help with the reconstruction.

Sir Fratley has not yet regained and may never regain — this is not clear his lost memories, and finds himself falling in love all over again with the woman he left behind five years ago. Like much of the rest of the game's ending, however, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding Freya and Fratley's reunion.

Like the rest of the Qu Tribe, Quina speaks in broken English. Quina's unique ability is called Blue Magic Blu Magic in the battle menu which allows it to use enemy abilities acquired in battle by using the Eat command on certain enemies. Quina's philosophy is that there are only two things: "things you can eat and things you no can eat. Quina is separated from the rest of the party at several points in the game. During Disc 1 of the game, Quina is an optional character. Quina's motive for joining the party is not out of a desire to save the world, but rather as an opportunity to taste different foods from all around Gaia.

Later in the game, Zidane, Vivi, and Quina can visit Quan's dwelling near Treno, where Vivi grew up , and Quina will see a whole room of nonexistent food. Moving outside, the three of them and the newly arrived Quale meet with Quan's ghost. Quan commends both Vivi and Quina for their vivid, valuable imaginations and reprimands Quale for seeing the world too literally. She is the only person who appears in the game with a Summoner's Horn.

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While Eiko and Garnet both share White Magic and Summoner abilities, Eiko uses primarily white magic with her summoner powers taking a secondary role, indicated by the order of said skills on the battle menu. Her summon abilities are usually holy-based summons or summons that add supporting effects. Some examples are Phoenix, which revives all unconscious party members, and Madeen, which causes Holy damage.

Eiko is one of the two last surviving Summoners of Madain Sari the other being Garnet. Eiko's family was not in Madain Sari when it was destroyed by Garland. They returned to the ruins of the village four years later, when Eiko was very young. Eiko's parents died early, leaving her grandfather to raise her. However, he died as well when she was five. Fortunately for Eiko, the moogles in the area decided to take care of her. She became very mature for her age and helped them as well, stealing food from the nearby village of Conde Petie for them when it was needed.

Zidane and the rest of the party found her caught in a tree after she fled the scene of one of her thefts. After they got her down, she decided to show them Madain Sari and then to join the party, despite the fact that her grandfather had told her not to leave until she was sixteen. Eiko develops a huge crush on Zidane, and considers Garnet to be her rival for his affections, though gives up her pursuit of him when it becomes clear to her that Zidane's true affections lie mainly with Garnet, not with her.

Eiko has a guardian female moogle who goes by the name of Mog.

After the battle, she gives Eiko the ribbon she wore so that Eiko can summon her at will. After defeating Kuja , one of the scenes in the game shows Eiko referring to Cid and Hilda as her parents. Although the Regent had never established an adoption, his wife, Hilda, acknowledges it. A gunrunner obsessed with power and its application, he is ambitious, cruel, narcissistic, flamboyant and ruthless. Kuja emulates the role of a traditional villain, including such elements as monologuing. Kuja was the first Genome with a soul, created to be Garland's "angel of death.

Despite his power, Garland also created Zidane, who was supposed to eventually grow more powerful than Kuja, and gave Kuja a very limited life-span so that he would die shortly afterwards, deeming him too dangerous to live any longer than needed. Kuja reacts to this by dumping Zidane on Gaia. He then proceeds to far exceed Garland's expectations when he single handedly wreaks havoc on Gaia, but at the same time plots to gain the power to overthrow Garland. Garland intervenes, however, when Kuja tries to obtain the eidolon Alexander, saying that Kuja has lost sight of his mission.

Kuja is then determined to obtain an eidolon more powerful than Alexander so that he can kill Garland. Though this attempt failed because of Eiko's Mog going into Trance, Kuja realized the true potential of trance, set off by a hatred for one's environment. He then absorbs the souls of the Invincible, making himself more powerful.

He confronts Zidane and his party on Terra after they have already fought Garland. At the end of the battle, Kuja goes into a trance and casts Ultima, overwhelming the party. He then kicks Garland off a cliff, but Garland's voice still telepathically remains in Zidane and Kuja's minds. Kuja's ego shatters when Garland tells him that he is not, as he had always thought, immortal, and the resulting panic and rage leads him to destroy his homeworld of Terra.

Deeming it "unfair" for the world to exist without him, Kuja plans to destroy the crystal that all life originates from to destroy all life. Garland does not fade away until after the party is halfway through Memoria. Kuja enters Memoria, which appears apparently due to the destruction of Terra, and attempts to destroy the crystal, before which he is confronted by Zidane and his party.

Flat Edging Stones

After a heated fight, Kuja casts Ultima again, declaring that it is not fair for everyone else to live if he must die, this time sending Zidane and his party to the Hill of Despair, presumably a plane of death. This Ultima barrage also destroys the crystal, prompting Necron's appearance. The party defeats Necron, however, saving the world.

This also stops Gaia's assimilation into Terra. However, they are once again alive, and Kuja decides to save them by teleporting them out of the Iifa tree. Zidane decides to save Kuja, but he is too late. When Zidane reaches Kuja, Kuja realizes that his whole life was misguided. The scene that follows shows the Iifa Tree's roots converging on both of them; while Zidane is shown alive in the ending, Kuja's fate is unknown at the game's conclusion. Responsible for the destruction of Madain Sari, using the red globe that flashes a mysterious "eye" below the Invincible battleship to attack.

Garland was defeated at Pandemonium by Zidane and his party, only to be confronted by Kuja. Garland was too weak to fight back against him and he was thrown to his death. However Garland's spirit lived on and assisted the party during their journey through Memoria. The main antagonist in the first Final Fantasy was also named Garland. Eternal Darkness is the game's final boss, despite not being the main villain.

A multi-dimensional being, Necron appears after Trance Kuja destroys the crystal, the source of life. With the crystal's destruction, Necron decides to proceed with its original task to return all existence to a "zero world", a world where nothing exists and there can be no pain or sorrow. He is ultimately defeated by Zidane and company, yet vows that so long as life exists, so shall he. They pose as actors to steal various items.

Xbox Classics 003 - Black Stone: Magic & Steel

Although Ruby is a member, she prefers to overlook the group's less-than-honorable dealings as long she gets a chance to pursue her dream of being an actress. Blank, Cinna and Marcus join the party intermittently throughout Disc 1, making them technically player characters, but they do not have the extensive character development, skillsets and membership duration of the previous eight.

The petrification of Blank while escaping the Evil Forest early in the game compels Marcus to look for a potion called SuperSoft to undo the petrification. The duo go back to Alexandria Castle to assist Zidane in escaping from the clutches of Zorn and Thorn. After the abduction of Princess Garnet from Alexandria, Ruby is accidentally left inside the town, where she can be found for the remainder of the game. Ruby decides to open up a miniature theater in one of the back alleys of Alexandria. Sometimes when speaking with Moogles , Zidane will hear that Ruby has sent him a letter.

One notable letter requests actors for her theater, which Zidane helps by introducing the idea to the star Lowell in Lindblum, who rushes off to Alexandria at once although when he gets there, he says the theater is much too small for a man of his talents. Ruby speaks in a southern accent in the American version of the game, and is referred to by Garnet as the "lady with the strange accent.