Shakespeare Minus ’Theory’

Christopher Marlowe credited as Shakespeare’s co-writer
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Search Tips Thomas McAlindon. Demonstrating and defending a method of close reading and historical contextualisation of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, this collection of essays by Tom McAlindon combines a number of previously published pieces with original studies. The volume includes six interpretative studies, all but one of which involve challenges to radical readings of the plays involved, including Henry V, Coriolanus, The Tempest, and Doctor Faustus.

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Thomas , Date published Publisher Aldershot : Ashgate, Subject Shakespeare, William, Shakespeare, William, Criticism, Textual. Shakespeare, William, Criticism and interpetation. Shakespeare, William, King Henry V. Literary criticism and cultural theory.

Ted Hughes, British Poet Laureate (1984-1998)

Tom McAlindon works in the Department of English at the University of Hull, UK. His main research interest is in Renaissance drama. He has published widely. Summary. Demonstrating and defending a method of close reading and historical contextualisation of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, this collection of.

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Thomas View all 5 5 items. More on Shakespeare, William, They are yet to identify the other author, but have ruled out previously suggested candidates such as Marlowe and Thomas Kyd.

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The difficulty is that the majority of plays written in the s and s have not survived and are known only from their titles. Much of what does survive is anonymous. Decisions have been swayed by a complex jigsaw of different kinds of evidence. Anybody could use any of these words.

Shakespeare Had Multiple Co-Authors

So, this is a statistical argument… not simply statistics about individual words, but combinations of individual words. His plays were wildly popular for the brief period that he was on the Elizabethan literary scene. Dido, Queen of Carthage is thought to have been his first.

Marlowe’s life of myth and mystery

Far from concluding that—because he finds no such name as William Shakespeare in the national Walhalla— therefore no such name belonged there, he assumes, rather, that the Walhalla builders do not understand their business. While an emphasis is Postmodern Shakespeare. Sign up to the weekly Irish Times books newsletter for features, podcasts and more. Without prior arrangements, late assignments will not be accepted. If—as we shall notice further on—a wise few did suspect the harmless imposition, either they had grounds for not mentioning it, or there were reasons why people did not credit them. But to return to Edmund Malone.

Tamburlaine the Great, among the first English plays in blank verse, was written around ; the Jew of Malta , is thought to have been written around , and Doctor Faustus was first performed between and His death in Deptford in May , aged 29, has provoked years of speculation, from the Queen ordering his assassination because of his atheism, to his being killed by a love rival. Witnesses testified that he was stabbed in the eye during a fight over payment of a bill and died instantly.

The document did not end speculation, with some supporting the theory that Marlowe faked his death and continued to write as Shakespeare. We use cookies to personalise content, target and report on ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

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For more information see our Cookie Policy. Christopher Marlowe: collaborated with Shakespeare.

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